Using the correct Betfair Promo Code for a £30 Free Bet

When signing up to a new bookies its vital that you use the correct promo code for your free bet, for instance when you want to claim the £30 free bet from Betfair make sure you enter in the correct Betfair promo code that you get from the site we hyperlinked earlier. Upon registering your account if you enter in this correctly you will be provided with a notification directly from the support team at Betfair who will then credit your account with 3 x £10 bets that you will be able to use the moment you have deposited and wagered the minimum amount of £10.

Thats not it, you can also sign up for the exchange which is without a doubt one of the most appealing factors about betting with Betfair as it allows you to first back one outcome on the sports book and if you do it early enough you can also lay your bet off on the exchange at good odds which means no matter the outcome of the match you will always turn a profit. This also prevents any of you good gamblers from having your account factored as you’re not actually betting against the bookies themselves instead you’re betting against the other players and Betfair just take a commission off you.

There aren’t many other bookmakers on the internet currently who provide such a great selection of sports markets, promotions, free bets and other features on their site quite like Betfair do so its pretty good to get an account with them. You can benefit from all of these great features from using the Betfair promotion code from the site we’ve listed above which will ensure that you are able to claim your £30 free bet. They also do some fantastic enhanced odds promotions which its definitely worth keeping your eyes open for were talking 10/1 on odds on favourites to win.…

Using bookies offers in Iran

While gambling is out lawed in many muslim countries especially in Iran it doesn’t mean its citizens dont enjoy the odd bet here and there, nowadays with so much technology its incredibly easy to locate a betting site via the use of a proxy or a VPN. Thats why its becoming more important to ensure that you find a site that has a dedicated list of bookies offers for you to choose from. Each one of these free bets should have a quick guide on how to claim your bonus and which is the best way you can use it in order to win some money.

Choosing the correct offer is down to what you think your requirements are, if you’re looking for a huge welcome bonus then you will want to take a look at either Winner or Bet365, however if you want a smaller welcome bonus which doesn’t require as much of an outlay from your own wallet then you will want to check out the likes of William Hill or Betfred. Once you’ve claimed your bonus you will want to make your way down the list maxing out all the potential free bet offers for you to get.

Just remember the public will always be ahead of the Iranian government when it comes to online gambling, so much so that despite them trying to force the population onto a closed intranet we’re always finding new and improved ways to circumvent the filters and find out favourite bookies to bet at. Fingers crossed as time progresses the government will begin to relax on its gambling laws, however we dont see this happening any time soon so if you want to bet on sports your best off finding a site that has a great selection of offers and always access it with a VPN so your id is masked at all times.